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School Hours

Drop Off:

Students can be dropped off between 7:40-8:15 if not needing Before Care.


School Hours:

K3-K5                                    8:15-2:45

Elementary (grades 1-6)        8:15-2:55

Secondary (grades 7-12)        8:15-3:15

Note: Students are encouraged to arrive by 8:00 each morning.


Pick Up:

K3-K5                                    2:45-2:55

Elementary (grades 1-6)        2:55-3:15

Secondary (grades 7-12)        3:15-3:30


Note: If a family has a student in more than one pick up slot they should wait and pick them all up during the latest slot that they have a student in.  That way they do not hold up the line.

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