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We shall provide a safe and loving environment for students to learn. We shall seek excellence in all that we do. We shall work with parents/guardians to prepare and equip their student for college, his or her future vocation, and the rest of his or her life.


With Christ as our example, students shall learn the power of serving others with humility. We shall teach students to look not only to their own interests, but also to the interests of others.


Students and staff shall strive to live like Jesus Christ and be a light at home, at LCA, and in their community.  Whether in LCA or out, students and staff shall be challenged to honor those in authority, be characterized by the fruit of the Spirit, behave responsibly, treat everyone respectfully, and excel in all they do, for the glory of God.


Students shall receive Biblical training to help them grow in their knowledge and faith in Jesus Christ. By God’s grace, students and families shall come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior and shall communicate God’s love to those with whom they interact.


Legacy Christian Fellowship exists by God’s grace and for His glory to promote unity and provide growth

opportunities for the body of Christ, so that members will become actively involved in serving their

communities while seeking to lead lives to Christ. Legacy Christian Academy exists to educate and prepare students for higher learning and Christian life, while instilling fundamental principles of spiritual growth, evangelism, and Christian service.


With the Bible as the foundation of our faith and all learning, LCA shall honor and serve

God by providing a Christ-centered educational environment that is an extension of the

Christian home that is accessible to a broad cross-section of the Christian community, that meets the needs of students with varying scholastic aptitudes through a balanced emphasis on academic excellence and continual spiritual growth and service, and in doing so is widely recognized and respected.

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