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PreK 4
Middle School
High School

High School H1

High school is an exciting time for your child. With growing confidence, high schoolers meet many developmental milestones. They are better able to reason and think more abstractly. Peer relationships take on new importance at this age. Teenagers also begin thinking about their future and setting goals. At Legacy Christian Academy, we partner with you to navigate this important stage. One of our goals is to prepare them for the next phase of life by offering a wide variety of academic opportunities to match each student’s strengths. We also strive to help your child grow morally and begin to consider how he or she fits into the larger world around them with our ultimate goal being that they follow God’s will. With high standards carried out in a loving environment, we help your child reach his or her full potential and develop into the wonderful adult God created him or her to be.

Nineth Grade

High School Friends

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