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The Discovery Program exists to provide help to students who have learning issues.  A certified therapist from the NILD (National Institute of Learning Development) will pull a student out of class for 1 hour twice a week.  This is not tutoring.  The goal is to use the methods of NILD to help a student develop technics to use both sides of their brains.  The goal is to help the student to become an independent thinker.   The therapy is designed to target a student’s deficit areas.  The program develops critical thinking skills, memory, problem solving skills, language skills, and a variety of other skills.  It is also trying to help the student improve the processing of what they see and hear.

There is an additional charge for the therapist, but it is significantly cheaper than the sessions would be with a therapist outside of LCA.

In some cases, a student will come into Legacy with a 504, IEP, or ISP.   Legacy does not follow the state requirements for those, and we do not have the full resources to be able to do all of those.  However, we will review them, and the parents, therapist, and Principal will determine what accommodations LCA may be able to offer.   Those agreed upon accommodations will be shared with the teachers and monitored by the therapist.   There is an Accommodation Management fee for this.   Whenever possible we hope to have the therapist go along with the parents to any IEP type meetings so that the school can be there to help the family and also to be able to come back and share things with the teachers that may help the student to be successful.

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